Disposition Process

Step 1: Property Evaluation and Setup

  • Inspect and secure property
  • Evaluate property condition
  • Initiate independent market analysis
  • Obtain bids for repair and maintenance

Step 2: Marketing

  • Establish marketing strategy with financial projections
  • Select listing broker
  • Establish tracking/monitoring system
  • Review strategy and pricing every 30 days

Step 3: Reporting

  • Provide you with monthly reports on both a summary and individual property basis regarding inventory flow, unsold inventory, properties under contract, sales, and property expenses
  • Provide year-end summary reports
  • Retain records for five years

Step 4: Property Management

  • Supervise repairs and maintenance
  • Monthly inspection reports
  • Select property manager when applicable
  • Address environmental and compliance issues
  • Payment of property utilities (optional)

Step 5: Negotiation and Closing

  • Counter, reject or accept offers within approved limits
  • Provide detailed net sheet with all offers
  • Coordinate closing process
  • Remit sales proceeds
  • Ensure that utilities and all transfers have occurred
  • Submit detailed closed file

Vendor Training

All of our vendors have completed a rigorous training program focused on proper BPO analysis and valuation. These specialist are experts in Distressed Market analysis and are "REO Valuation Certified"(REOVC)

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